We offer comprehensive in vitro ADME, pharmacokinetic and bioanalytical services to assist and guide medicinal chemistry programs in hit-to-lead and lead optimization or as a stand-alone offering.

Fidelta has the following ADME / PK capabilities:
  • ADME services include in vitro metabolism, in vitro permeability and transporters, drug-drug interactions, binding and distribution, detailed metabolic studies.
  • Pharmacokinetic studies include standardized and customizable studies in rodents with rapid turnaround time and high quality.
  • Bioanalytical services provide high quality support across discovery and development through non-GLP bioanalysis, GLP compliant bioanalysis and biomarker analysis.

For further details on the ADME/PK services available at Fidelta, please follow the indicated links or contact us.

Fidelta’s bioanalytical team provides  a range of non-GLP quantitative analytical support of discovery phase studies, as well as biomarker measurements…
   Flexible in vivo PK study designs          Routes of Administration                                                              Intravenous, Oral…
High quality and reproducible data assay controls continuously tracked and included in each assay Rapid turnaround time Flexible assay formats,…