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Around the macrolide – Impact of 3D structure of macrocycles on lipophilicity and cellular accumulation

Maybe you would be interested to check our recently published article. It has been waiting for years to be published and we are happy it finally is! The article is available for free download for the next 6 weeks on

Mirjana Bukvic named the 2017 Young Medicinal Chemist in Industry

Congratulations to our very own Mirjana Bukvic for being named the 2017 Young Medicinal Chemist in Industry by the European Federation for Medicinal Chemistry!

EFMC Prizes 2017

Adrijana Vinter appointed new Managing Director of Fidelta

Fidelta, a collaborative drug discovery company, has appointed Dr Adrijana Vinter, current head of business development, as new managing director of the company.

Adrijana will commence her new role from January 1st 2017, succeeding Dr Phil Dudfield who is retiring.

Adrijana obtained her PhD in Chemistry at the University of Zagreb in the field of new macrolide antibiotics and started her career in PLIVA 14 years ago working initially as a scientist. She obtained an MBA at Cotrugli Business School, Croatia, before moving into Business Development with the creation of Fidelta. She has successfully engineered and overseen the development of the Fidelta revenue stream resulting in significant year on year growth.

Under the new leadership, Fidelta’s operations will continue seamlessly through delivering high quality services to the clients.


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Fidelta and e-Therapeutics plc announce an integrated drug discovery deal

Zagreb, Croatia, 7th December 2015 – Fidelta, a Galapagos company, announced today the start of a collaboration with e-Therapeutics, whereby Fidelta will provide medicinal chemistry, DMPK and pharmacology services to advance e-Therapeutics’ drug discovery programs

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Fidelta achieves milestone in collaboration with LEO Pharma

Zagreb, Croatia, 3rd March 2015 – Fidelta, a Galapagos company, announced today the achievement of a milestone, thereby completing the first phase of an integrated drug discovery project that started in April 2014. Today’s payment remains undisclosed. Furthermore, the next phase of the project has been agreed, which will contribute significantly to Fidelta's revenues in 2015.

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Collaboration with LEO Pharma
Fidelta is pleased to announce a Drug Discovery collaboration with LEO Pharma.
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GLP Bioanalytics

Fidelta is delighted to announce the introduction of GLP bioanalytics to its comprehensive suite of in vitro and in vivo DMPK offerings.

GLP certification

On 12 November 2013, Fidelta received a certificate of compliance with the principles of Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) for conducting bioanalytical and pharmacokinetics studies. The certificate was awarded after a successfully completed inspection by the Croatian Ministry of Health and after inspection and verification by the Bureau for Chemical Substances (Polish institution of governmental administration granting GLP certificates).

GLP refers to a uniform worldwide quality system of management controls for research labs to ensure the consistency, reliability, reproducibility, quality and integrity of the tests performed under the OECD principles of GLP.

With standard operating procedures on planning, performing, monitoring, recording and reporting studies ensure consistent and reliable results. GLP certification from an OECD member state is a significant milestone in our ability to offer international quality services to our clients for regulatory submissions worldwide.

The Royal Society of Chemistry, Biological and Medicinal Chemistry Sector and the Croatian Chemical Society are holding a joint meeting on the 28th and 29th April 2014 on the topic of “Macrocycles – synthesis, medicinal chemistry and biological activity”.
The meeting will be held in Zagreb, Croatia at the modern research site of Fidelta and PLIVA.

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