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Thigh Infection Model in Healthy and Neutropenic Mice Induced by ESBL Producing Klebsiella Pneumoniae

Thigh infection model is widely used animal model of infection characterized by versatility and simplicity. The model provides a sensitive and reproducible experimental infection for evaluation of antimicrobial efficacy. Furthermore, it allows a simultaneous measurement of drug concentrations in serum and/or tissue of infected animal.

Basic study design:
0h:   intramuscular infection
1h:   start of treatment
24h: sacrificing and thigh muscle sampling 
Species, strain, sex:
mouse, C57Bl/6, male
Number of animals /group:
Pharmacological control:
K. pneumoniae 1470
(ESBL producing clinical isolate)
Treatment mode:
Duration of dosing:   
24 hours
Induction of neutropenia:
Cyclophosphamide IP, D-4 and D-1

Main read-outs:
CFUs in thigh muscle

Facultative read-outs:
concentration of test compounds in serum and/or thigh muscle

Models of infection with other bacteria of interest can be developed on request, using bacterial isolates from our collection or provided by the Client.

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