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KLH Induced Delayed Type Hypersensitivity in Mouse

The KLH_DTH model is designed to induce a hypersensitivity reaction, based on immunization with keyhole limpet hemocyanin. The model is characterized by elevated tissue concentrations of IFN-g (Th1) and IL-4 (Th2) cytokines. At the end of the experiment ear or punch biopsy weight is measured. Ears and other selected tissues are collected to be subsequently analyzed or sent to the client, as requested.

Species, strain, sex:
mouse, BALB/c, female
Number of animals /group:
Pharmacological control:
cyclosporine  A                                
Routes of administration:
upon request
Treatment mode:
prophylactic, therapeutic
Duration of dosing:   
upon request
Main read-outs:
- ear swelling
- caliper measurement
- weight
Facultative read-outs:
- cytokines in tissue homogenates
- histopathology




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