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Model is based on immunization with bovine collagen to develop antibodies against bone and cartilage.

Disease is fully developed 31-38 days in mice and 17 days in rats after the 1st immunization, and is clinically characterized by paw redness and swelling.

Anti-arthritic activity of the test compounds  is evaluated throughout the study (main read-outs), while joints and other selected tissues are collected at the end of the study to be subsequently analyzed or sent to the sponsor, as requested.

Species, strain, sex:
mouse, DBA/1J, male ; rat, Dark Agouti, male
Number of animals /group:
Pharmacological control:
Etanercept, Methotrexate, Dexamethasone, Indomethacin, Prednisolone
Routes of administration:
Treatment mode:
prophylactic, therapeutic
Duration of dosing:   

Main read-outs:
 - Clinical score
 - Paw swelling
 - Body weight
 - Haematology
 - Histopathology
Facultative read-outs:
 - Immunohistochemistry
 - Serum biomarkers and  inflammatory mediators
 - Target safety readouts

Histology of joints (HE)

Efficacy of clinical benchmark drugs for rheumatoid arthritis in CIA – clinical score

Histological assessment of anti-rheumatic activity

μCT analysis of rat  joints


Profiling of serum biomarkers





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