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Airway hyperresponsiveness (AHR) in ovalbumin induced asthma in BALB/c mic

  • Airway hyperresponsiveness, as one of the defining characteristics of allergen-induced asthma, represent a valuable translational tool in respiratory drug research.
  • At Fidelta, airway resistance and compliance are measured in anesthetized and ventilated animals using FinePointe RC invasive plethysmography system (Buxco Ltd./DSI).
  • For AHR measurements, mice are exposed to aerosolized PBS for the baseline measurements,  followed by increasing concentrations of aerosolized bronchoconstrictor agonists methacholine.


Hrvačić B, Bošnjak B, Bosnar M, Ferenčić Z, Glojnarić I, Haber VE. Clarithromycin suppresses airway hyperresponsiveness and inflammation in mouse models of asthma. Eur J Pharmacol  (2009) 616:236

Bošnjak B, Ivetić Tkalčević V, Durić K, Belamarić D, Čužić S, Ferenčić Z, Brajša K, Glojnarić I, Antolović R, Hrvačić B. Intranasal challenge with increasing ovalbumin doses differently affects airway hyperresponsiveness and inflammatory cell accumulation in mouse model of asthma. Inflamm Res  (2009) 58: 773

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