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11-day Tobacco Smoke Induced Pulmonary Neutrophilia In Mice

Smoking-associated COPD is characterized by inflammation, changes affecting small airways, and emphysema.

Animals are exposed to tobacco smoke for 11 days. Inflammation is assessed through analysis of BALF cell count, lung homoginate cytokines and histology. Changes affecting epithelial cells are studied in depth employing immunohistochemistry.

Species, strain, sex:
mouse, BALB/c, male
Number of animals /group:
Pharmacological control:
p38 inhibitor
Routes of administration:
upon request
Treatment mode:
prophylactic, therapeutic
Duration of dosing:   
upon request
Main read-outs:
total and differential cell count in bronchoalveolar lavage fluid (BALF)
Facultative read-outs:
inflammatory mediators in lung homogenate

Effect of p38-inhibitor on BAL cell influx

Effect of p38-inhibitor on BAL cell influx

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