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Cytotoxicity/Proliferation Screening
Cell-based Screening for Improved Discovery and Optimization of Hits & Leads

  • More than decade of experience and industry track record in screening and compound profiling.
  • Automatisation and miniaturisation possibilities (utilization of TTP labtech Mosquito nanoliter pipetting platform allows easier setup of the assays -flexible and applicable for low-DMSO-level requirements)
    • Transfer of as low as 50 nL of DMSO stock solution into a dry assay plate.
    • Cytotoxicity/proliferation assays in 96- and 384-well plate format.


Assay development, optimization and validation

High-throughput prediction of potential drug toxicity/inhibition of cell proliferation is necessary in early stage of drug discovery.

Very popular and broadly used cell viability/cytotoxicity assays are tetrazolium-based colorimetric assays using MTS, assays that detect lactate dehydrogenase (LDH), bioluminiscent ATP cytotoxicity, neutral red (NR) and [3H]-thymidine incorporation, as wel as some other assays. Different markers indicate the ratio of the number of dead and alive cells.

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