Fidelta provides a broad range of efficient and high quality in vitro assays with rapid turnover, covering all stages of target-based or phenotype-based drug discovery processes:
  • Hit finding (HF)
  • Hit to lead (H2L)
  • Lead optimization (LO)

A number of biochemical and cellular assays in the areas of infection, inflammation and oncology have been set-up and validated in the last 15 years, addressing various target families, such as kinases, GPCRs, epigenetic targets, phospholipases, peptidases, ion channels, etc. Assays can be also customised and applied to any specific project needs.

The precision measurements of assay quality are defined with QC parameters calculated for each plate and XC50 curve, such as Z’ factor, Hill slope, R2 and S:B.

Key equipment includes multiple liquid handling devices, robotics, multidrops and multipurpose microplate readers which enable throughput of hundreds of compounds per week in full range of concentration response curves.

Screening technologies available at Fidelta include:
  • Fluorescence
    • FLINT (Fluorescence Intensity)
    • TRF (Time-Resolved Fluorescence)
    • FP (Fluorescence Polarization/Anisotrophy)
    • FRET (Fluorescence Resonance Energy Transfer)
  • Luminescence
    • AlphaScreen (AlphaLISA)
  • Absorbance
  • Radioactivity

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